Client FAQ: most common questions answered




Q.    What happens once I sign up for advertising with The Umetv Network?

A.    Your advertising contract is submitted to our head office, entered into our system and your artwork form is submitted to our Graphic Designers to begin the production process. You will receive a Welcome Letter via email once your contract is received by our head office.

Q.    Do I have to pay for my advertising all at once?

A.    We do ask for a deposit to begin the production of your advertisement, but we have a number of payment options for you to choose from to pay the balance of your contract.

Q.    Can I advertise at more than one location?

A.    Yes, our Sales Representative will review all advertising options with you during your meeting to sign the advertising contract.

Q.    How long is my advertising contract?

A.    Our standard advertising contract is for two years unless otherwise stated on your agreement.

Q.    When does my billing start?

A.    For accounting purposes, all billing commences once a first draft of your advertisement has been sent to you via email and the screen for which you have signed is installed onsite. It is extremely important that you approve your advertisement with our Graphic Designers or Customer Care Team to ensure that it is featured on the screen as soon as the equipment is installed onsite.





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