Host FAQ: most common questions answered




Q.   Will The Umetv Network disturb our patients or customers with noise?


A.   No, The Umetv Network is completely silent and the content is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Q.   Who creates the promotional material that is featured on the screens?

A.   The Umetv Network has an experienced team of Graphic Designers utilizing the latest technology to produce outstanding quality content for our screens. You can simply email any requests for changes to your own screen content and our Graphic Designers will fulfill the requests then have the new content uploaded to your screen.

Q.    How can The Umetv Network service be provided free of charge?

A.    Local non-conflicting businesses are invited to promote their products and services on the screen. The revenue received from this sponsorship funds the equipment, maintenance and ongoing costs as well as the commission payment.

Q.    Who advertises on The Umetv Network screens?

A.    We approach local non-conflicting businesses to advertise on our screens. We do not approach any drug, alcohol, tobacco or gambling vendors.

Q.    Do we have input as to where the screen is installed?

A.    Yes, our Sales Representatives and Technicians will decide, with your help, the best place to install the equipment.

Q.    Do we have to switch the screens on and off?


A.    No, all of our screens are set on a timer that switches the screens on and off in line with your hours of operation. There is no need to interact with the equipment unless the system needs to be manually re-started for connectivity purposes.

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