The local Postal outlet is at the heart of every community. They are a trusted part of community. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to reach your customers, whether they are businesses owners or consumers.

The Postal outlet is serving upwards of over 25million people every single week. It’s recognized as being a ‘first class’ operation that has been leading the way all over the world. It’s the largest retail network operating within the UK.

When it comes to demographics, customers come from each and every walk of life. This is what delivers potential profits.

Known as an innovative business, the postal outlet is attracting more and more customers every year by continually developing new products and services for different markets. Just as thousands of businesses reach their prospects through our Umetv Network screens in post office every week, your business could be doing the same.

Your business will enjoy brand exposure through our eye-catching artwork delivered using digital flat screens that are placed in a highly visible prime position. People waiting to be served watch the screens as they display your marketing message.


Our screens are highly visible and show content from local businesses – Businesses just like yours.

  • Solicitors
  • Car Garages
  • Nurseries
  • Restaurants

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from using our screens to deliver your advertising message in your local Postal outlet.

  • Cost effective advertising delivered to a proven and quantifiable audience
  • Access to local market via a high visibility method
  • The advice and guidance of experienced marketing specialists who will help you to get the best from advertising.
  • The opportunity to refresh your advertising artwork four times each year.
  • The use of a proven marketing channel that connects your business to the local community

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