How does advertising your business to a captive audience of thousands sound?

Interested, then Umetv Media is just the answer to maximise your businesses profile in your local community.

For people waiting to see a healthcare professional at their local medical Centre or surgery, waiting rooms can prove to be quite tedious. But we have the perfect antidote to boredom.

The Umetv Media installs digital out of home systems in Medical Centre’s and surgeries in communities throughout the UK.

Our screens engage those waiting to see a healthcare professional through a potent mix of rich media information and advertising programming.

We work closely with the local Medical Centre\surgery management team to produce programming for our screens that is designed to educate and inform patients on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues.

For local businesses and organisations The Umetv Media is the perfect way to communicate key messages and information to captive audiences that can wait anything up to 30 minutes plus, meaning your advertising will be seen several times thus ensuring it makes the maximum impact.

Advertising with Umetv Media provides:

  • Quality advertising at cost effective rates.
  • Visibility in key potential local markets.
  • The ability to refresh your advertising up to four times a year.
  • Access to marketing professionals to enable you to get the most from your adverts.
  • To become part of The Umetv Media call us today on 0845 54 88 768
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